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Lash Extension Course  - Not running at the moment


Lash Fx Lash Extension Course

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions Training Course

…. the answer to glamorous eyelashes! Dazzle at the party, Shine at the wedding, Gleam on the beach.. with synthetic eyelash extensions applied individually to the client’s natural eyelashes.


We offer 1 day initial training (including your kit) which combines a good balance of the essential theory, along with the intricate practical application.


These new skills are then to be practiced in your own time and following the completion of a number of case studies you will receive your certification of training. You can be assured of quality instruction that will become the basis of your progress towards becoming a highly skilled Lash Extension professional


Kit includes:

J Lashes Black – Fine (9mm), Thick (10mm) and Extra Thick (11mm) Approx 3000 of each, 1 x Adhesive, 1 x Adhesive Remover, 1 x Jade Stone, 1 x Micro-pore, 6 x Anti-wrinkle Gel Patches, 12 x Microbrushes, 1 x X Tweezers, 1 x Straight Tweezers, Lash Extension Holder, 1 x Practise Head, 10 x Pack of Practise Lashes, 1 x Instruction Manual, 1 x After Care Card, 1 x Salon Leaflet, 1 x record Card,

Course cost. £295


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